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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

In the past 25 years and since I have  left Egypt and Immigrated to Canada, I have went back only 3 times for short visits.  My last visit was this year (2004) filled with mixed emotions and anticipation.   My love for Egypt has been with me all these years and I have this great website to show for and nothing can really ever shake it.  

I was pleasantly surprised to know that I can be recognized by fans and regular visitors to the site as the creator of the Egyptian website "The Egyptian Castle". I met a wonderful couple while in transit at Amsterdam Airport, who recognized me as well as many other Egyptians during my trip who knew me, which was a heart warming feeling.  

I had a chance to discuss many issues and feel obligated to share my thoughts  with our fans around the World based on my experience.  So, here it is, I will simply speak my mind and try and express my feelings towards certain issues.  I do not seek agreement from our site visitors or  have any motives, but to see my home country, Egypt, a  better place for all Egyptians.

This section will be updated regularly and different topics will be explored ..

Travel Agent From Hell:   Avoid this one at all cost based on my own personal experience. 2004
Freedom is a right for all and not a privilege! Will my fellow Egyptians ever enjoy it too? - 2004
Tea Carden long gone:   What happened to the Zoo and why!! 2004
Dumb or dumpster, which came first:   Many Egyptians know that it is not very smart to live next to street dumps, but do they have a choice!!! 2004
25 years later and still lining up:   Sad .. Sad .. Sad!!  Who to blame though? 2004
Mubarak GOTTA GO:   Enough is Enough ... 2005
Surprise .. Surprise .. I am your King for another 6 YEARS:   A never ending nightmare !!!  2005
The Land of The Pharaohs is now ruled & controlled by Thugs!!   The Tyrant was not in Iraq, but still remains in Egypt.  2005

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